Friday, November 8, 2013

Always in Style!

Pauline Rychly Koshuba and John Koshuba 1920
Lillian Krause 1936 HS Graduation
Lillian and Dave Gerstein 1964
A little album full of fashionable ladies and gentlemen at their best.  

As I go through the old snapshot and formal portraits I am impressed with the beautiful and fashionable ladies of the Rychly, Koshuba, Gerstein and Noznick families.
Walter, Joseph and Julia Koshuba 1920's
Julia Koshuba 1937 HS Graduation
Lillian Gerstein and Girlfriends 1960's

Julia Koshuba Noznick 1920's
Anna Koshuba 1916
Gerstein, Krause and Endliss Families at the Chez Paree 1950's

Lillian Krause Gerstein 1920's
Marya Klak 1912
Lillian Krause and friends, 1940
Lillian and Dave Gerstein 1940's

Sally Popko and friends 1920's
Pauline Koshuba and Julie Koshuba 1940's
Lillian Gerstein 1941
Julie Koshuba 1940's