Friday, June 13, 2014

Beautiful Brides! 106 Years of Family Weddings.

June is the traditional month for wedding, so to celebrate this beautiful month, I am sharing wedding pictures from my extended family.  The pictures are arranged by decade, the bride and groom (if he is in the picture) are identified.


 Morris Gerstein,  Sarah Schwartz, Chicago IL, 1907-08

 John Nyznyk, Marya Klak, New York NY, 1914.
 John Koshuba,  Pauline Rychley, Minneapolis MN, 1916

Joseph Graskow, Anna Koshuba, Minneapolis, 1918


Oleksa Pylatiuk, Katherine Rychley, Minneapolis, 1923









Stephen Koshuba, Helen Rychley, Minneapolis, MN 1924



Stephen Koshuba, Sally Popko , Minneapolis MN, 1930's

William Krause, Muriel Friedman, Buffalo NY, 1930's

Helen Tkacyk Rychley, Minneapolis MN, 1930's












Dave Gerstein and Lillian Krause, Chicago IL 1941

Julia Pylatiuk Lawryk, Minneapolis MN 1943

Jack Krause  and Evelyn Schwartz, Chicago IL, 1946

Julia Koshuba Noznick, Minneapolis MN, 1944

Sam Nemtzow and Charlotte Lieser, Chicago IL 1944

Mykola Haydak, Pauline Koshuba,  Minneapolis MN, 1943

Stephen and Eugenia Koshuba, 1940's

Walter Koshuba and Renella Waalund, Minneapolis MN, 1945


William Palaniuk and Evelyn Koshuba, Minneapolis MN, 1951