Friday, January 16, 2015

All Dressed Up for a Picture--100 Years Ago.

Anna Romanchuk and friend, Minneapolis, MN

Stephen and John Koshuba, 1916

John and Joseph Koshuba, holding their boater hats.

John and Joseph, dressed to go on the town,St Paul MN

Walter Koshuba, 1918, St Paul, MN

William and Mollie Karbovsky, 1910, Peoria, IL

Marya Klak, 1912, New York City

Pauline and John Koshuba, all dressed up, St Paul, MN.

Peter Noznick, 1917, New York City

Koshuba children, Fred, Katherine and Marie, St Paul, MN

Fanny, Jacob, Rose and Eva Monkovski, Chicago, IL

Fanny Monkovski and Abe Center, Chicago, IL

Pauline  Koshuba and baby Walter, 1917, St Paul MN

Anna and Pauline Rychly, 1915, Minneapolis, MN

Anna Koshuba, 1916, Minneapolis

Anna Rychly, John Romanchuk, Pauline Koshuba, Julie and Walter Koshuba, St Paul MN. 

Dave, Philip and Rose Gerstein 1913, Chicago IL

Florence and Joseph Koshuba 1914 St Paul MN,  

Fanny Monkovski, Wasosz, Poland

Walter Koshuba, 1919 St Paul MN

Peter Noznick, 1918, New York City
Pauline Koshuba, Anna Rychly with Walter and Julie Koshuba, St Paul MN, 1919