Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"May You Live in Interesting Times"--My Father and the Last 100 Years

Today, August 18, 2015, is the 100th anniversary of my Father's birth. 
 Peter Paul Noznick 1915-2005

The Chinese have a saying--"May you Live in Interesting Times."
In his 90 years of life, my Father,  Peter P. Noznick lived in very  interesting times, and experienced life changing inventions and world changing events.  The events and inventions I have listed happened during my Father's lifetime; between 1915 and 2005.  All the inventions were either invented or put into use between 1915 and 2005.
If I missed something important that you thing should be on the list, please add it in a comment.

Events That Changed the World

World War One
The Treaty of Versailles (its consequences still affect our lives today.)
World War Two
The founding of the United Nations
The Korean War
The Viet Nam War
Iraq War I and Iraq War II.
The Bolshevik Revolution and establishment of the Soviet Union.
Peter around 1917
Womens Suffrage: 19th Amendment, 1920
World Wide Depression on 1929-1940.
The New Deal legislation
Hitler's Rise to power 1932-1945.
The Holocaust.
The first use of the Atomic Bomb 1945
The Cold War. 1945-1991
Collapse of the Soviet Union 1991
Independence of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe after 1991
Social Security
The United States Space Program
The moon landing in 1969.
The rise of China as a economic power.
The 911 Attack on the United States in 2001
Terrorism, local and international
Peter in Junior High 1929

Inventions That Changed People's Lives

Clean drinking water
Victor Talking Machine--first commercial phonograph 
Long distance telephone service
Transcontinental telephone service
Automobiles --mass produced and affordable
Air planes
Electrical power, electric light and electric powered appliances.
The electric refrigerator
The automatic washing machine and dryer.
Radio--available and inexpensive
Movies with sound and color
Animated feature length movies
Television and color television
Video Tapes and players
Penicillin and other antibiotics
The Polio Vaccine
Vaccines to prevent childhood illnesses
Transistors which made portable radios and personal computers possible
Jet Travel to just about anywhere
The Interstate Highway system.
Nuclear power 
Frozen Food
Shopping carts
The supermarket
Peter, University of Connecticut 1938
The credit card
The portable defibrillator
Digital cameras
Telecommunication satellites
The United States Space program
Cell phones
Air conditioning
Personal Computers
Portable computers and tablets.

Things  We Need 

A cure for diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Lou Gehrig's Disease
A cure for cancer
Peace in our cities and communities
World Peace

Peter at work, Beatrice Foods Co, 1970's