Friday, September 25, 2015

War Memorials on Chicago's North Shore: Highland Park Illinois

The World War One Memorial in Highland Park Illinois. Source:

Located in Memorial Park in Highland Park Illinois, a suburb north of Chicago, this memorial is a combination of a bronze sculpture mounted on a granite background. It was dedicated on November 14, 1926.  The funds to build the monument were raised by residents of Highland Park.
The sculpture, designed by James Cady Ewell, a Highland Park  artist and resident, depicts a female figure  representing World War One.  On either side of the figure, mounted bronze tablets list the names of  278 Highland Park men and women who served in the War.  On the arch behind the figure, "Peace Victorious" is inscribed. The back of the memorial is inscribed "For your tomorrow, They gave their today ."
The list of is long, surprising since the town of Highland Park is not large today, and was even smaller during World War One.

Memorial Park is near downtown Highland Park between Laurel, Prospect and Linden Avenues.

I came across this World War I memorial on my way to a local rummage sale.  I tried to take a picture of it with my phone, but the lighting was poor, so I decided to use the snowy picture above instead.