Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Recent History

 Pictures are from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and the Yangtze River. 
Old  British Stable Kowloon, Hong Kong

Restaurant in the Produce Market, Kowloon


Kowloon skyscrapers, seen from Hong Kong Island   

Hong Kong traffic--and it's not rush hour

Buddhist Temple, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong and Kowloon from Victoria Peak

Shanghai from our Hotel window

New skyscrapers in Shanghai

The Bund--British Shanghai

Old Town, Shanghai

Yu Gardens, Shanghai

Restaurant in a former home in the French Concession, Shanghai

Monkey, Tribe of the Three Gorges Theme area

Tea Shop, Yi Chang

Tribe of the Three Gorges Theme Area, Yangtze River

Food Stand, Tribe of the Three Gorges, Yangtze River

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Tai Chi in the park, Beijing