Friday, May 31, 2013

The Genealogy of the Kleviak-Koshuba Family

The Kleviak-Koshuba family came from Ozernaya, Tarnopol Region, Ukraine.  The town was called Jezierna when it was part of Poland and appears as Jezierna on immigrant ship's manifests. In 1900, the town had a population of 1095.  It is 14 miles west of Tarnopol, Ukraine, in Galicia, or Halachyna, in Ukrainian.

John Koshuba and Family, Stephen and Helen Koshuba 1924

Feodor (Fitko) Kociuba was born around 1858. Fitko married Maria Kleviak around 1878-1879.  Neither Feodor or Maria immigrated to the United States.
The surname Kocuiba was Americanized to Koshuba. Feodor and Maria had six children.

John (1880-1940) and came to the Boston MA area around 1908.  He married Pauline Rychlyj (1898-1997) in 1916, in Minneapolis MN. They had three children: Walter Joseph, (1917-2002,)  Julia Mary, (1918 -2007), and Joseph Fred, (1920-1957). He owned several businesses in St Paul MN, including  a window washing Company and  a restaurant in downtown St Paul.  He was a founding member of St Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, MN, and was active with his wife, Pauline, in the Ukrainian community in the Twin Cities.

Teckla (Maria) Koshuba Wons
  Teckla (Tillie), also known as Maria, was born in 1883, married Peter Wons in Ozernaya sometime in 1906, and came to the United States in 1906,  also to the Boston MA area.  She died in St Paul MN, in 1976. Peter and Teckla had five sons: Fred, (1907-1960); Michael (1909-1981);  John W. (1916-1973); Nestor (1921-1986); and Joseph T., (1926-1988). 


Joseph was born in 1885, came to the US around 1906, and died in St Paul, MN, in 1919.  He married Florence Holmberg (1894-unknown) in 1913.  They had three children: Frederick, (1914-1941),  Catherine Florence (1915-unknown); and Marie Olga (1917-1993).  Joseph also owned a window washing company in St Paul.

Peter Wons, Joseph and John Koshuba c.1915
Anna was born in in Ozernaya in 1897, came to the United States with her brother Stephen in 1914.  She married Joseph Grashkow (1893-1975), Americanized from Greskiw, around 1917-18. They had two children, Paul Nestor (1919-2002) and Eugenia (dates unknown). Anna died in Minneapolis MN in 1977.  

Anna Koshuba Graskow

Stephen, born in 1899, came to the US with Anna in 1914.  He married Helen Rychlyj in 1924, they divorced in 1932.  He married Sally Popko, in 1932-33, they later divorced.  In 1947-8, he married Eugenia (maiden name unknown).  Stephen and Helen had one child, Evelyn Eve (1925-1976) . Stephen was a businessman and owned, a bar and restaurant, in downtown St Paul, with his brother John; and later owned a hotel and bar near downtown St Paul.  He retired to Wheat Ridge CO, and owned a liquor store in Golden Co.  He died in Colorado in 1982.  He was very active in the Ukrainian community in Minnesota.
Stephen and Eugenia Koshuba

Stephen and Sally Koshuba
 Michaylo, birth and death dates are unknown, as is his immigration status.