Friday, January 17, 2014

The Genealogy of Chiam Pesach Monkovski

Chaim Pesach Monkovski and his family.  Only some of the daughers are identified.  In the front row, from left: Udis, Ryka, Chiam Pesach.  In the top row: Unidentified Son, Lachie, unidentified Daughter, unidentified Son, Esther, unidentified Daughter. 

Chiam Pesach Monkovski was the son of Wolf Berek (Velvil) Monkovski and Bejla Pienanzek. 
He was born in Wasosz, Poland, a village near Szczuczyn, Poland on August 27, 1869.  His father was a tailor.
At the age of 20, on January 28,1890, Chiam Pesach married Rywka Lewinowicz, age 19, also of Wasosz.  Her parents were Berek Wolf Lewinowicz and Sora Rochel Maslowicz, both shoemakers. Chiam Pesach took up his father's trade and became a tailor.

According to records, they had four children, although the portrait above shows more. The children were
  • Mendel, born in 1892
  • Nochim Lejb, born in 1896
  • Aron Joszer (Aaron Joseph) born in 1896 
  • Pelia born in 1899. 
All the children were born in Wasosz. Aaron Joseph immigrated to Israel and died in Tel Aviv, date unknown.  Aaron Joseph was the only descendant of Wolf Berek and Bejla Monkovski  I know of that immigrated to Israel, the others came to the United States. There is no other information about the other children of Chiam Pesach Monkovski at this time.  Chiam Pesach passed away in on April 13, 1928 , in Wasosz.

The people in the portrait below are not identified.  From resemblance to the people in the family portrait above, I believe that they are Chiam Pesach and Rywka Monkovski.

This portrait may be of Chiam Pesach and Rywka Monkovski with one of their daughters, possibly Pelia.

This woman is unidentified--she may be one of the daughters in the family portrait at the top of the page. This postcard came from Jack Krause, a grandson of Wolf Berek (Velvil) and Bejla Monkovski