Friday, January 10, 2014

The Genealogy of the Monkovski/Markin Family

Marriage Record of Velvil Monkovski and Bejla Pienazek, December 31 1865, Wasosz, Poland

Some very exciting genealogical news arrived this week!  Nineteen family records of the Monkovski family in Poland were obtained and translated, thanks to Jose Gutstein, who runs a site about the town of Szczuczyn, Poland.  The earliest record was from 1848 and the latest from 1899.  My knowledge of this family is greatly expanded!  For a link to Jose's site, click here
The story began with a box of old pictures from my mother-in-law, Lillian Gerstein.  The pictures belonged to her mother, Rose Krause, who was born Rose Monkovski in Szuzczyn, Poland.  The only picture that Lillian could identify was of her grandmother. The other picture, was identified by Lillian's cousin, Libby Fretzen.  Eventually, this name, Uncle Chiam Pesach Monkovski, led to finding many more family members.

Belja Peysakowna Pieniazek, Lillian Gerstein's and Libby Fretzen's grandmother, the picture that started my genealogy search.

 Chiam Pesach Monkovski and family, identified by Libby Fretzen.

Velvil (Wolf Berek) Chajmowicz Monkovski, 1848-1898, born possibly in Wasosz, Poland.  He was the son of Chiam Monkovski and Leja (Leah), employed as laborers in Wasosz. Chiam was deceased. Velvil worked as a tailor. 
Belja Pienanzek was born in 1849, possibly in Wasosz.   Her parents, Pejsach Pienazek and Sora Mendlowna Nochymowna, were glaziers. She is listed on the marriage record as a maiden, her parents were deceased. They married on December 31, 1865 in Wasosz, Poland.  At that time, this part of Poland was ruled by Russia.  However, the legal documents were written in Polish.

Velvil and Bejla were the parents of at least seven children.  I am guessing this because there are
gaps between the births of  several of the children, for instance, Chiam Pesach in 1869 and Nochim in 1875.
Several of the Monkovski children Americanized their surname to Markin when they immigrated to the United States.
  • Chiam Peysach, b. 1869, death unknown.
  • Nochim, 1875-1898,
  • Rose Krause, 1887-1956,
  • Jacob (Jankiel) Markin, b.1890,
  • Fanny Markin Center, 1891-1967,
  • Eva (Chawa) Markin Krause, 1896-1982. 
  • Daughter, first name and birth year unknown,  who married Jankiel Ross, and was the mother of Libby Fretzen. 
There is so much more in the records, but way too much for one blog post.