Friday, October 25, 2013


DNA gets a lot of time in the news today, most of it related to crime.  At one time fingerprints were the technology that was used to solve mysterious crimes, but today, DNA plays an important role in solving crimes, especially in TV dramas.

DNA can also be used to solve mysteries of the genealogical kind.  A few years ago, offered an inexpensive DNA test, which was so reasonable that I sent in my money, got the kit, collected genetic material from the inside of my cheek with a cotton swab, sent it in and waited for the results. 

 A few months later, the results arrived and I was very disappointed.  The test showed that most of my ancestors ( 93%) came from Eastern Europe--which I already knew.    Every few weeks, I got a message from Ancestry.Com with new genetic matches.  Most of them indicated 5th-8th cousins, and the probability of a match was very low.  It seemed to me that I was getting anybody and everybody in their database.  Most of them didn't even have any Eastern European ancestors.  When I did get a good match, which happened twice, it was a  fourth cousin that I already knew about through my research on and another fourth cousin, a man who was adopted and knew nothing about his birth parents except a name. I decided that I shouldn't expect too much from a $10.00 test.

Just this week I got an email from Ancestry announcing enhanced DNA results.  I checked it out and found some interesting new information--my DNA shows that I am 92% Eastern European, the other 7% is broken down as follows:

Asia < 1%

  • Trace Regions < 1%
  • Asia Central < 1%

Europe 99%