Friday, October 18, 2013

Who are They?

I am the inheritor of many boxes of old family pictures.  My mother and I tried to identify the people on the pictures while she was alive, but in the oldest pictures, even she couldn't identify all of them.
There are several people  in these pictures that I think I may know, but I am not sure.
This man, for instance:  He appears in several old Koshuba and Rychly family pictures, usually weddings.  I think that he is either Peter Wons, my grandfather John Rychly's brother-in-law or Dmytro Popko, my grandmother's uncle.  
The photo below is of Joseph and John Koshuba, and Peter Wons. I have enlarged the picture to feature Peter Wons.  It was taken about 1915, and shows them in the uniforms of a fraternal organization that they belonged to.  I am sure that the Wons family was in St Paul at that time but I am not not sure about the Popko family.

This is the oldest photo, from about 1915.
The next picture was  taken at the wedding of my grandparents, Pauline Rychly and John Koshuba in November 1916.  The man in question could be either Peter Wons or Dymtro Popko. 
The third picture is from the wedding of Anna Koshuba to Joseph Graskow, which was probably sometime in 1917-1918.
Anna Koshuba was my grandfather John Koshuba's youngest sister.  Other than my grandmother, there doesn't appear to be any Rychly family members in the picture, so I am fairly sure that it is Peter Wons.
The next photo is from the wedding of Stephen Koshuba, my  grandfather's youngest brother to Helen Rychly, my grandmother's sister, in 1924.  The man could be either Peter Wons or Dmytro Popko. 
The last picture is from the wedding of Stephen Koshuba and Sally Popko.  Sally was my grandmother's first cousin.  Stephen and Helen divorced, and his second marriage was sometime after 1930.   The man in question is either Dmytro Popko, Sally's father, or Peter Wons, Stephen's brother-in-law. The man in question is  behind and between the bride, Sally, and one of the bridesmaids.  My guess is that this Dymtro Popko, Sally's father.
What do you, my readers think?  Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

November 1916

Peter Wons 1917-1918.

This could be either Peter
Wons of Dmytro Popko, 1924.

Wedding of Stephen Koshuba and Sally Popko. About 1930-31