Friday, October 11, 2013

Dusty Old Pictures--Instant Family History

A new TV set--1948.  Probably the first in the neighborhood!
What can you with those old snapshots in a box, taking up space? You may have your family story in that old box.  I started scanning old family pictures for a book for my grand-niece's bat mitzvah a few years ago.  Now I have a great resource for  the Gerstein  family history.
Avrom and Rose (Karbovsky) Krause were married in Poland in 1903.  They immigrated to Chicago, where they started a family.  They moved to Peoria, Illinois  for about 10 years, and back to Chicago about 1926. This is snapshot story of their daughter, Lillian Krause Gerstein and her family.
School Picture, Peoria, Illinois 1920's.

Lillian Krause, Chicago, late 1920's
Chicago Newspaper, 1930's, Lillian is circled on the left, Rose is next to her. 
Lillian's Grade School Graduation, Haugan School, 1932
Bill, Lillian and Beverly Krause
Lillian worked as a receptionist in an office, 1930's

Dave Gerstein's car, a  Ford, Miami Beach, Florida, 1941
Lillian and Dave and baby daughter, Arthington Street, 1946
Lillian and Dave loved  to socialize.  1960's

Lillian and her girlfriends at the beach, Late 1930's
Lillian and Dave in Hawaii, 1960's

Lillian, on her honeymoon, Miami Beach, October 1941.
Dave Gerstein is drafted into the Army, and is sent to Mineral Wells Texas 1942
Lillian and Dave moved to Phoenix, Arizona and bought a  brand new house. 1946
The Krause and Gerstein families celebrate at the Chez Paree Club in Chicago, late 1940's
The Gersteins move back to Chicago and lived on Arthington Street in Chicago.
Dave and son in front of Buckingham Fountain, Chicago--1955
The Gersteins in Miami Beach, Florida, 1958
Lillian and Dave moved to Skokie, IL, in the 1950's. 
Lillian's Mah Jong group, Skokie, 1980's
Lillian in Maui, Hawaii, 1992